#Stop being a VICTIM and Start being a WINNER!


Why are you not where you want to be? (because YOU are holding yourself back)

Why are you blaming yourself for where you are now? (because YOU are holding yourself back)

Check it! You hold the key to your success! You are the controller of your destiny……AND YOU KNOW THIS!

You are your BIGGEST critic and your BIGGEST cheerleader! You beat yourself up for what? To bring yourself down even further?

Listen up! You got this, now stop being a victim and go be a WINNER!

The first step is belief in YOU! Who cares about the next person…..your life matters! So go and make it the best life ever and stop being so hard on yourself!

Start celebrating the small milestones. YOU ARE GREAT!

You woke up this morning…check! You are capable of forgiving…check! You are ALIVE ……check….NOW GO AND MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIFE WORTH CELEBRATING!

#HappySaturday @theshantaej

Photo credit: MakeDC Smile (Facebook)

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